Martha Jean "The Queen" Steinberg


Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg was born Martha Jean Jones in Memphis, Tennessee. She was educated in a Franciscan mission school in Memphis, Tennessee. “The Queen” was rooted in the Catholic faith. Marrying at an early age she experienced the struggles and heavy responsibilities of raising three young daughters. She sought guidance from God for success in all her affairs, temporal and spiritual.

Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg arrived in Detroit, in 1963, to become a part of the Bell Broadcasting Company. She was an instant success. Within the community, the people knew she cared, appreciated and loved them enough to risk stepping on toes to tell them the truth. Her reputation for selling products followed her from Memphis.

She worked at WCHB-AM, in Inkster for about two years. “The Queen” moved to WJLB, in 1966, to be hailed as the “only female radio personality in the city and the nation to so steadily command the air waves.” The power of her influence as a “voice of reason” emerged when she posted herself at the microphone for 48 hours during the rebellion of 1967, pleading with Detroiters to “get off the streets”.

On February 2, 1972, “The Queen” received the Power of the Holy Spirit, setting her free, preparing her to be called to God’s Service. On April 10, 1975 the Holy Spirit led “The Queen” to found The Order of the Fishermen Ministry, a non-denominational spirit filled movement. After her followers grew she established a place of worship called the “Home of Love”. On May 12, 1997, Martha Jean “The Queen” purchased WQBH Radio. In 1995, the State of Michigan recognized her as “Michiganian of the Year”. December 31, 1999 was named “Martha Jean “The Queen” Day” by Mayor Dennis Archer.

On Saturday, January 29, 2000, at 10:45am Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg laid her earthly burdens down and said YES to God.

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